Developing Tutorial Courses for Autoresponder Delivery

Developing tutorial courses to offer at your web site is an
excellent way to promote yourself, business and your web site.

A good tutorial is one that is unique in some respect and must
contain valuable information or your reader/s will unsubscribe.

There are thousands of tutorials on how to create an ezine,
email marketing etc so brainstorm for something unique that
represents your site, your product, or a specific skill you
can teach people.

Always keep in mind that the aim of any tutorial course,
first and foremost, should always be to teach, inform and
provide quality information of interest for your target
audience through the sharing of your knowledge on the subjects
you are familiar with.

These courses *can* be invaluable for pre-selling your readers
on your products if they are done right…

Developing your course

Decide on a subject then create your lesson plan.

Begin by making a list of topics and then depending on the number
of topics separate each into an individual course lesson.

For example: five topics will become five lessons, ten topics
ten lessons and so on.

Follow the same format for each of your lessons.

In the first lesson outline the course contents and what
they can hope to learn during the course of the lessons.

Give each lesson a number.

Each lesson should have a title.

Follow with the actual lesson.

Throughout your course you can refer to your product/s and
how it can help them solve a problem within the context of
the topic under discussion. Never however, use your course
for the blatant advertising of your products and services
or it will be a quick click on the unsubcribe button.

At the end of each lesson give highlights of what to
expect in the next lesson. Keep it interesting so subscribers
will look forward to the arrival of the next installment.


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